What is Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth consists of 3 layers. The outermost and hardest layer is enamel, and the second layer is dentin. The third is pulp, which is the blood vessels and nerves reside. If for any reason the pulp is exposed to the outside, the tissue becomes contaminated and eventually infected.

Root canal treatment is the process of going inside the pulp space and removing the infected, dead tissue. The space is then disinfected and sealed with special materials. Nowadays, root canal treatments are performed with advanced techniques and materials, making them far more comfortable and faster. After root canal treatment is complete, your tooth will most likely need a crown or a cap to protect that tooth long term from breaking.

When is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

A badly infected or damaged tooth can be saved with Root Canal Treatment.  Saving your own tooth if possible is important. It works better than an artificial tooth for biting and chewing. Losing a tooth can lead to other problems in the mouth. Replacing a lost tooth with an artificial one often needs more complex dental procedures. Root canal treatment is often the best way of saving a tooth.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Although root canals are notorious for being painful, the actual procedure is painless. Usually people think root canals are painful because the pulp of the tooth is already affected. The tooth is usually aching before needing a root canal and that toothache is associated with a root canal procedure. Root Canal Therapy actually gets you out of pain when you are already feeling pain.

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