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Teeth are discoloured teeth, yellow stains

Chipped or broken down teeth,

Gaps between teeth

Misaligned teeth ( uneven or irregularly shaped

Teeth are worn down

These are the common problems of many and there are different solution to fix these problems.

Even if many people who doesnt have any of these problems and unsatisfied with the natural color or shaping of their teeth.

Dental Crowns could be the best solution to fully cover misshaped teeth and yellow stains and many other problems.

As Dental Mssters Turkey team, we offer you SMILE PERFECTION SERVICE with high qualified&  trusted brands and durable dental crowns at the most affordable prices.

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Crown is one of the procedures of dental restoration.

It can be called a ‘dental cap’ that covers your STAINED OR BROKEN PART OF TEETH.

It will be outer surface of a tooth or an implant, thus it will protect tooth from the external damages. It will help resize, reshape and strengthen a tooth that has been broken or worn down.


ESPECIALLY with high-quality materials and experienced, expert, skilled dentist you can have a natural looking and desired appearance.


We are a full capacity clinic that holds its own laboratory and every expert among us that is capable of fixing all kind of dental issues and we

Veneer is one member of dental crowns family.

Many people believe that both are the same but actually this is not true. Their structure and functionality are different. Even if they both are effective to improve aesthetic appearance of your teeth but there is a little difference.

Veneers are designed to cover front surface of your teeth. When you have problem with front side of your teeth then veneers can be used as an option to improve appearence by changing colour, size, length or shape of your teeth.

Dental crowns cover teeth 360 degrees. That is why a dental crown cant be distinguished from your natural teeth. When you have a dental crown with a skilled dentist your natural teeth an artificial one will sure stand like identical twins when you are smiling.


Which one is better is a tricky question. First of all it depends on your situation and your demands. In some cases we can even offer you a combination of dental crowns and veneers.

We will discuss other details but you may contact Dental Masters Turkey team and we can guide you with a Professional perspective to carry you to your perfect smile. Our smile perfection prosess includes guidance to choose the best option for your smile.

Dental crowns can be used:

To cosmetically improve aestethic appearance (discoloration, misalignment issues, etc.)

To restore chipped or cracked teeth

To halt the deterioration

To protect and strengthen your tooth (weakened by decay)

For the To regain a natural tooth power (bite down & eat)  root canal treatment

Restored teeth -root canal treated- can regain a natural tooth power (bite & eat) and protected from disinfections.


Advantages of them:

Support and protect weakened teeth (or damaged by decay)

Cover an implant

They are not easily breakable

Can be considered as a long-term option

Good bonding


Some patients can experience sensitivity to hot or cold ( can be


We are proud of saying that Dental Masters Turkey holding the first place of being affordable without losing high quality. Our dentists are highly expert and most preferred ones in Antalya.

Also state that we are using the best brands of dental crowns if not necessary other we use IVOCLAR VIVADENT which is the best manufacturer of dental crowns in Europe. You can check our brands and certifications of all we use. All treatments and FDA and British Counsil of Dentist approved.

It is simple. Everyone, who wants a magic touch to their smile or all who has inconveniences about yellow stains, weakened teeth, misalignment issues, o

mentioned above can have dental crowns.

You are indecisive at the moment and you have lots of questions to ask. No need to lose time anymore. Dental Masters Turkey team with more than 20 years of experience is capable of planning the treatments which suits best and carry out as well.

Our friendly staff would be very happy to help you in any matter. They are all fluent in English.

Start your process with a free consultation. We recommend you to get the professional perspective of Dental Masters Turkey. IT sure will be a solid foundation at your journey to your dream smile.

Maybe you are one little step away from your dream smile.

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Zirconium is a chemical element, actually a strong transition metal and famous for its strong resistance to corrosion and extremely durable. This material alone isn’t used because of its natural opacity. Generally, we layer porcelain on the top of zirconia when making your crowns. That’s why we call it Zirconium based porcelain for an accurate expression. Now it is easier to understand why Zircounium based porcelain are extremely durable and aesthetically very pleasing. When creating a crown porcelain and zirconium are used for their different functions. Generally recommended for front teeth. 8 for upper / 8 for lower. It is also important to keep in mind that there are three aspects of your treatment to achieve the best result. Skills of Cosmetic Dentist and the quality of the crowns must be combined with the skills of Dental Technician to achieve a good result. Dental Masters Turkey is a full capacity clinic which holds the largest laboratory equipped with latest technology in Antalya. Most of the clinics which maybe will run your treatment will demand your designed crowns from our laboratory. At Dental Masters Turkey clinic we


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Just send us a X-Ray or some photos of your teeth. We will examine your files and get back to you with an estimated treatment plan based on your expectations, health status and budget. Our professional team will provide you the warmest experience in every step, from airport to clinic.

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