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Tired of fixing your old dentures? You have dental bridges and dentures that you have to clean daily. Or you have missing tooth. Then it is time to visit the experienced and highly skilled Dentist for your dental implant in Turkey. Dental Masters Turkey is the largest facilitator of Dental Treatments including international patients since 2007.

You are just one step away from solution. This is a really affordable one! In the UK, a single implant can cost £3500. However, if you get your implants in Turkey you will be paying significantly less. The saving is at least %70. You can get 4-6 implants (same brands) for one implant price in the UK.

Dental Masters Turkey can provide you best dental implant at most affordable price. We have more than 20 years of experience with a qualified team of dentists. Our On-site Laboratory one of the biggest in Turkey and equipped with the latest technology.

From £379
5-7 Days

Dental implants are known to be expensive. Does it makes sense to invest huge amount of Money? Answer of this question is a five star yes. Just imagine you are building your house. What would you say if they suggested you to use wood instead of a durable metal when laying a foundation? Thats right.

“The more you save the more we are happy.”

We believe that a beautiful smile should be avaliable for everyone! One of the benefits of getting your dental implants in Dental Masters Turkey is the Best Price Policy. 

Best Price Policy is a Bonus Feature that only can seen by Our Patients. To learn more Get Your Free Quote and Contact Us Now or start asking your questions on WHATSAPP.  +90 542 541 31 35

You are just one step away from:

Confident Smile
High Self-Esteem
Easy Care
Improved Speech
Life Time Solution
Life Time Guarantee
Ability to Eat Any Food

Dental implant surgery is the replacement of damaged or missing tooth with an artificial tooth that looks and functions as the natural ones.

There are usually multiple ways to solve dental problems. Some people use dentures or dental bridges to overcome missing tooth / teeth issue. But dentures are irritating and not easy to care and dental bridges can’t stand lifetime. And if you have missing teeth, these solutions can’t prevent bone loss or gum diseases.However dental implants are healthy, durable and they can the best solution to give an aesthetic appearance to your smile. All of them comes with a lifetime guarantee. It can take hours to speak implants but shortly dental implant treatment is a revolution at dentistry.

Implant is an artificial tooth created with titanium, surgically fastened to your jawbone below your gum, on which artifical teeth (a crown) can be fixed.


An implant consists of three part:

Implant (Screw) :

Screw is the invisible part of an implant. It is surgically fastened root of your new teeth.


A device that simply connects Crown to dental implant.

Screw and abutment are both made of Titanium. This metal is totally compatible with gum and bone tissue. Titanium in implant fuses with your jawbone. After that, they don’t slip,  move, make noise or cause bone damage the way bridges and dentures might.


A custom-made artificial tooth. Dental crowns look, feel and function like the natural ones. We will take care of the color, shape and size for an exact match to neighbour teeth.

Dental Masters Turkey providing beautiful smiles with an experienced team and by using high technological devices and modern tools. We complete the technique with CAD/ CAM machines.


Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and implanthologist will perform your dental implant treatment.

On-Site Laboratory:

It means that you will not wait for hours just because of a little change like in most dental clinics in Turkey.

If you are looking for the Dental Implants in Turkey, then you are at the right place. Dental Masters Turkey is the right choice.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants Turkey?

Implants look like your natural tooth.
Behaves as natural tooth (Strength and function )
Lifelong solution
They improve Speech and Chewing Power
Unlike dentures, no risks of infection
They support your facial structure
Dental implants prevent bone loss
Easy to care like an orinigal tooth
They are stable, comfortable and don't make noise.

Affordable Implants in Turkey, But Still Safe?

The lowest dental implant cost is often misunderstood. It certainly doesn’t mean that the material is cheap or low quality.“The Same Brand, Same Quality but More Affordable” is the right expression. Health Tourism in Turkey is a fast growing industry, so is Dental Tourism. Competiton is increasing among Clinics and Global brands that produces materials. Some brands offer high-quality implants for a lesser price. In addition, some of dental clinics buy dental implants in bulk and can get great discounts. Discounts are extended to patients as price reduction.

However, it is very important to do some research before choosing your dental clinic in Turkey. To get more information please CONTACT US.

Dental Implants Cost Turkey

“Why dental treatments are cheaper in Turkey?” Our patients always asking the same question. Before an answer we ask them: “Why dental treatments are more expensive in the UK than Turkey?”

Answer of these questions is simple. Cost of living and labor in Turkey is lower than the UK. That’s why you can get the same service, same treatment at more affordable prices in Turkey.

Dental Masters Turkey never compromises with the quality of services, materials and technology. We use only top-grade materials which are FDA approved and Globally trusted Brands.

from £99
from €89
from $135

How to Choose the Right Clinic?

If you are still in this page that means you have a rough idea AND your intuition says that you are in the right place for your Dental implants in Turkey.

You can contact us now. And start asking all the questions you have.

Simple Recommendations

  1. First of all keep in your mind that all of these procedures are dental treatments. Topic is human health.
  2. When you first contact with a clinic they will need to hear your expectations. If they say yes to everything, stop them. It might be possible or impossible at your case. Before seeing your X-Ray nearly a prediction they can make.
  3. You don’t have to follow people on Television, or Social Media. Mostly they get paid by the Clinics for advertisements.
  4. Eventually even Cosmetic Treatments you are getting here, these are all dental treatments and must be performed by a Dentist.


Why People Choose Dental Masters Turkey?

More than 20 Years of Experience
Specialist Dentists and Staff
Latest Technology and High Quality Materials
More than 2000 Happy Patients
Most Affordable Prices in Turkey
Free and Bonus Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dental Masters Turkey Experienced in Placing Implants
We have more than 10.000 happy patient! Dental Masters Turkey is placing implants and performing all dental treatments Since 2007. Our skilled Dentists are not just experienced but also they have postgraduate training in Dental Implantology. We have Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who has performed hundreds of Jaw Surgeries which are more complicated cases than Dental Implants. Whether you need and implant or other surgical procedures, no matter how complex is your case and you can CONTACT US. You will come directly the hearth of Dentistry in Antalya.
Do I Need Dental Implants?
Basicly, If you have gaps or you missing tooth / teeth you can have. You already have dental bridges and dentures then maybe you want to make your bone and facial structure stronger and healthier. (Read the benefits of Dental Implants) Also if there is an infection, dental implants will not only relieve the patient from the pain of infection, but it also will help prevent more serious health problems due to untreated infection.
Can I Get Implant?
In most cases best solution can be Dental Implants but in some cases you might need another process before fitting an implant. If your bone structure is not suitable to fit implants you might need SINUS LIFTING or BONE GREFT. At Dental Masters Turkey we start our services with BEFORE TREATMENT ASSISTANCE. Basicly CONTACTING US you can start asking questions to our friendly staff. (They are all fluent in English.)
How many Implants Do I Need?
It depends on present condition of your teeth and needs. After analyizing your X-rays and bone structure, we can tell an accurate number and details. That's why we have Free Consultation.
Types of Dental Implants
There are 4 types of dental implants which are : 1. Endosteal implants / 2. Subperiosteal implants / 3. Screwless implant / 4. Screw implant
Why to Choose Turkey?
Why have to pay a fortune for a dental treatment? You can save %70 with having your dental implant done in Turkey. If you choose the right clinic (with a qualified Dentist and using high quality material) you can have the same treatment experience like in your country but still at lower prices. Additionally, Dentists in Turkey are the most experienced ones. After all long working hours and low treatment costs they experience more cases than dentists in the UK, Europe and the USA.
Implant Treatment is PAINFUL?
If dental implant treatment is performed by a team of specialist (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) you will feel nothing! We are licensed to use all kind of anaesthetics.
Nervous Patients
No need to worry! We are capable of using both sedation and all types of anesthesia in our Clinic. (IV SEDATION is performed by a Specialist Anesthesist.)
How many Visits Do I Need?
You need 2 visits to complete treatment. Each of the visits can be regulated according to your preferences but generally both of the visits requires 5 days) After the first visit there is a 3 to 6 months healing period. Time of healing depends on the patients bone structure health. In some patients
Can I have Implants in 1 Visit?
Yes, you can. We have different types of Implants which can be applied with INSTANT LOADING METHOD.
Which BRANDS do you use?
We use only the high quality implants which has already known worldwide. All of them are FDA APPROVED. Generally manufactured by the best implant companies such as Germany, Switzerland and USA. See OUR BRANDS. ( Straumann. / Nobel Biocare (Danaher) / Dentsply Sirona (Previously Astra Tech) / Osstem Implant (HIOSSEN) / MegaGen

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Cost of getting just a single dental implant in the UK or in other European countries can be an eye-watering  £3500. Huge number of patients from abroad are traveling to Turkey Dental Clinics for dental implants. Why not? You will get exact the same treatment at a lesser price.

We are are delivering Perfect Smiles in Antalya Since 2007. No matter how challenging is your case, we are capable to solve any kind of dental and oral problem and disease.

You can get an appointment with the best dentists Turkey or you can visit our dental clinic in Antalya or Contact us on WhatsApp +905425413135 now.

We speak English, German, Russian and Turkish.

Call us or message on WhatsApp to get the estimated price and more information. + 90 542 541 31 35

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