Dental fillings (also known as cosmetic fillings) are used to improve aesthetic appearence and functionality of teeth. At Dental Masters Turkey Clinic, we only use the high quality of white composite material to fill the teeth. Dental fillings turkey can be used to fix many dental issues like;

to close the gaps between the teeth

to increase the length of the teeth

also remove permanent discolourations.

For some patients to stop the spread of decay and help repair damaged teeth. This helps restore lost confidence and functionality allowing you to smile and eat happily.


The structure of Dental fillings does not absorb the light. That will leave your aesthetic concerns behind and renew the colour of your teeth like the way you desire.

There are most used dental filling types are;

  • Amalgam Dental Fillings Turkey: Gone are the days of using the amalgam as standard so there are no more awful grey dental fillings to stop you smiling.
  • Composite Dental Fillings Turkey: Composite dental fillings, are also known as white fillings. Composite dental fillings are made from a blend of non-toxic, tooth-coloured plastic and powdered glass. This blend consists of silicon dioxide particles. Composite dental fillings have a wide colour scale which makes them a perfect option to restore teeth. They can be prepared in accordance with every tooth colour.
  • Porcelain Dental Fillings Turkey: Porcelain dental filling is the most preferred and most durable filling type in cases where there is material loss and a crown application is required. Also the porcelain protects the overall structure of your teeth and decreases your chances of losing your tooth in the near future.  Porcelain  dental filling has a longer duration than composite resin dental fillings.

Main advantages of cosmetic fillings are;

A fast and easy to perform procedure,

No waiting and healing period

Durable for more than 10 years

Aesthetic appearance, having a natural colour which is similar to the colour of your natural teeth.


Why People Choose Dental Masters Turkey?

More than 20 Years of Experience
Specialist Dentists and Staff
Latest Technology and High Quality Materials
More than 2000 Happy Patients
Most Affordable Prices in Turkey
Free and Bonus Services


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